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FilmChurch is a podcast exploring filmmaking concepts, saluting cinematic artistry while examining and investigating the moviemaking process.

Get ready for a long, sleepless journey as my guest Craig Hennecke and I unravel the documentary Hands on a Hardbody (1997). You...
Never speak the words and be ready to blast the demon king as my guest Jesse Gee and I break down the movie,...

Sam Lowry: Give my best to Alison and the twins. Jack Lint: Triplets. Sam Lowry: Triplets? My how time flies. Brazil (1985)


My name is Jeff Bugbee. I started FilmChurch as a fun, home theater project that metamorphosed into a movie podcast in order to encourage my friends to watch films that should not be forgotten, but celebrated, studied, and enjoyed. Many of my suggestions may be a little odd, obscure, ridiculous, fantastic or weird. But isn't that what makes life interesting?